Touring Tips

Model-A Touring Tips

by  Marvin Mellage

             Following these Touring Tips should better assure everyone has a safe and enjoyable Model-A tour driving experience.

1.  Do a quick car check before leaving home. (tire pressure, oil, water, wheel nuts, lights)

2.  Fill gas tank before joining the tour.

3.  Carry and turn on your hand held walkie-talkie. (channel 5, sub-channel 12)

4.  Notify tour organizer if you signed up for a tour, but are not going.

5.  Notify tour leader if an unscheduled stop is necessary.

6.  Stay 5 to 8 car lengths behind the car in front of you. Less in town.

7.  Use turn signals when turning.

8.  Make sure car behind you turns where you do.

9.  Do not lag back. It’s more difficult for tour leader to monitor cars. And it forces followers to slow down then speed up. The tour leaders highway speed is normally around  45 MPH.

10.  Only 1 or 2 cars should pull over when a Model-A stops with unexpected problems. Others should proceed to the next safe pull off area.

11.  Notify tour leader of any car having problems.

12.  Notify others if you plan to depart the tour early.

13.  Modern cars on the tour should stay behind all Model-A’s.

14.  Volunteer to lead all or part of a tour. It’s rewarding, educational, and fun.

15.  Always be safe and enjoy that Model-A touring.………

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