Touring Tips

Model-A Touring Tips by  Marvin Mellage              Following these Touring Tips should better assure everyone has a safe and enjoyable Model-A tour driving experience. 1.  Do a quick car check before leaving home. (tire pressure, oil, water, wheel nuts, lights) … Continue reading

Model A Backfiring

Submitted by Roy Cail. Question: My Model A is running a little rough with a lot of backfiring when you step on the accelerator.  Can you give me some idea where to start looking? Ever ask yourself this question? — … Continue reading

Model A Fan Air Flow

Submitted by Marvin Mellage. The following information was taken in part from the Model-A Times magazine.  There has been a lot of discussion about which is the best fan to keep that Model-A temperature the coolest. Is the original 2-blade … Continue reading